Sundays at Metter First are when our congregation gathers to celebrate God's love, fellowship, worship, and hear from God's Word together. We would love for you to come and join us. We have a loving and helpful congregation who will greet you with a smile, help you get where you need to go, and be able to answer any questions you might have.

  • Sunday School & Bible Study

    10 Am

    The best way to get involved and connected at Metter First is through our small groups. The real heartbeat of our church is here. This is really where life happens. Here, we learn from God's Word, pray together, hang out, and really model the church. We are in it together in the good times, as well as the hard ones. We meet for Sunday School every Sunday morning, and there are classes for all ages. 

  • Worship

    9:00 AM

    Our worship services include music, prayer, and a time of teaching. Our worship music is a mixture of new music and traditional hymns and our Pastor teaches every week from the Bible. 

  • Life Groups

    6:00 PM

    Life Groups are intensive, Scripture-based studies focused on a particular theme.  They typically go for about six weeks, and are "deep-dives" into a wide range of topics affecting the Christian life.  Whether it is finding Christ in a popular TV show or dealing with the ravages of addiction, the focus of these groups is always to draw participants closer to the Savior (and to each other) and to gain skills and insight to live a life that is ever more Christ-like. 

What Happens on Wednesdays


Join us as we pray together and strive to learn more about God's Word. Less formal than Sunday Worship, this is a time for us to ask questions, debate, and challenge ourselves in our growing walk with the Lord.


Kids get to have lots of fun and learn about living for Jesus.  Games, Bible study, Missions learning, Scripture memorization, and lots of love and fellowship.  For preschool up to 5th grade.